What is tls 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge? Who can Benefit?


Who want to Lose 5 to 20 pounds?









Join our :

TLS 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge!



Who is it for?

Anyone who is older than 18. Who wants to lose 5 to 20 pounds. Or who wants to deto their body to have better system(who needs an oil change!)Whether you need to lose the last 10 pounds or drop the first 10 pounds, this is a great way to kick start your system by cleansing unwanted toxins from your system, speeding up your metabolism and balancing your body to get in in the Fat Burning Zone, not Fat Storing Zone. This is a brand new program that if followed correctly will yield great results!!! 

Stop Fad Dieting and treat your body the way it deserves! Fad Diets are not healthy as many deprive your body of nutrients, and through your metabolism off balance.


If you want to…
  • Loose Weight (whether a lot or a little)
  • Stay Lean
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Speed up you metabolism
  • Balance your hormones
  • Increase energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Feel better overall!



21 day weight loss kit ,anna360






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What you will receive: 

  • One on one coaching , no matter where you live
  • Support with others like you
  • Detox Menu Plan
  • Fat Shredder Menu Plan
  • Recipes and Tips
  • TLS 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Kit
  • Shaking & Baking Recipe Book
  • Facebook Group

tls 21 day weightloss challenge,anna360








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Deluxe Package: Accelerate your metabolism to BURN MORE FAT! 

TLS GCGCGet all of the above plus TLS Green Coffee Bean plus Garcinia Cambogia. 



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