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NUTRI-PHYSICAL  The Nutri-Physical is an internet-based analysis tool that recommends a customized nutritional supplementation program to improve an individualʼs quality of life.

Wading through the vast assortment of vitamin and mineral options is difficult. Why leave anything to chance? Nutri-Physical® Nutritional Analysis can help you discover your body’s unique needs and match them with customizable nutritional supplements.

Nutri-Physical identifies areas of improvement such as:

  • Weight management
  • Stress reduction
  • Diet and exercise
  • Blood Sugar and Maintenance
  • Cardio health
  • and much more!

Nutri-Physical Nutritional Analysis was developed by a team of experts who designed a series of questions around major health-related conditions currently plaguing our nation. After taking the comprehensive questionnaire, your responses are analyzed, calculated, and ranked on a point system. Then, based on this analysis, a daily nutrition supplement regimen is suggested based on your area of highest need and which products best fit those needs.

Skincare Analysis


The Skin Care Analysis analyzes your response to a series of questions about age, skin type and skin concerns, helping you discover an ideal skin regimen that will enhance the beauty of your skin everyday.

Transitions Weight Loss Solutions

Other programs tell you what they think works; With TLS Weight Loss Solution, it’s all about what works for you. TLS is about education and implementation, not limitation. The only limits in TLS are those you put on yourself. Anything is possible when you Live the Lifestyle. Take this quick, 15-minute questionnaire and find out if TLS is right for you.

To go directly to our TLS Weight Loss Solutions site: CLICK HERE


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