Thyroid? Hashimotos? Hair and nails? Get Isotonix Daily Essential and Omega III Oil with Vitamin E

Doctor told you that you have thyroid?

Don’t worry! We have many people found an alternative way for the solution!

Check this out, this lady’s nail problem has been solved. Great testimony.

Eliana Brodsky :  I have a thyroid condition call Hashimotos the last 2 years I have been on 3 different meds for thiroide but nothing completely work till now.
I started on April 1 Isotonix Daily Essentials and Omega 3 with vitamin E. By June I had blood work and my levels were getting better, my doc lower my Armour dose(thiroide med) and my overall health had a huge improvement.
The doctor said whatever you are taking keep taking it because is working.
I am 32 and had all the issues that come with the thyroid.
My hair is growing beautifully, my nails are stronger, my skin is better, no more pain on my bones, and I am loosing weight.
* I also realized I am
Sensitive to certain food and had to do an elimination diet.
Thank God I was introduced to this company! (Market America)

isotonix daily essentials

isotonix daily essentials

What is in the Isotonix Daily Essential? Multivitamins,Activated Vitamin B-Complex,Isotonix Opc-3,

and Calcium plus.


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