Superbowl in Last Two Minutes:Never Stop hope, Keep Fighting

I wasn’t a superbowl fan for the game. But tonight’s game was really exciting and a good game.

kitty perry

Especially at the last two minutes. Seattle Seahawk was four point lower than Patriot. The fighting is getting hotter.

Would you lose hope and just wait to the lose? Noway, Seahawk didn’t! They almost scored touched down at 1 yard! Would Patriot just gave Seahawk the touchdown and declare lose? No, the last ball went back to Patriot! What a game!

Never stop lose your hope, never stop fight! At any point of the game, I would have assumed one side will win or lose. If I was the athelete, I might wait for the result,not FIGHT for it!

Go Patriot, for your winning! Go Seahawk for your fight!

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