Successful Story-Three Generations of Family-Own your Business

Yesterday I got to witness a successful family!

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Look at the family picture about 20 years ago. The little baby girl today is at college. She is the left most girl in the big family picture. The little boy is the handsome young man on the right. The two young parents 20 years ago are become the successful couple.

These couple were introduced a business by their brother. They were in great financial crisis. They took a leap of faith and also sponsored her parents,which were school teachers and coaches. Both of them took a year of time and built a six digits income. They have been in the residual income since then. They retired and went to Mexico for couple of years, adapted a family of kids. Now their son grew up, tried several traditional business and decided to take a look of the business . He started the business along with his wife last August. Now they are making incomes and growing their own business.

This family has three generations. All of them are enjoying six digits ongoing income and time freedom.

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Bless to your family!



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