Step By Step Beautiful Eye Makeup

Amazing tutorial by @surgerymakeup using Motives!


Step By Step Eye makeup using motivescosmetics

Step By Step Eye makeup using motivescosmetics

1-Apply a primer (@motivescosmetics Eye base) and then a brown to the crease blending well (@motivescosmetics Hazelnut); 2-Apply a cream color to the lid (@motivescosmetics Whipped Cream);

3-Apply an eyeliner base along the upper lash line (@lasplashcosmetics Eyeliner sealer/base) and then

a gold with an angled brush (@motivescosmetics Antique Gold);

4-Apply the eyeliner base and a brown eyeshadow to create the wing (@motivescosmetics Chocolight);

5-Apply the brown along the lower lash line;

6-Apply a gold glittered eyeliner on the gold eyeshadow along the upper lash line (@lasplashcosmetics Diamond eyeliner in Chandelier);

7-Apply a brown glittered eyeliner on the brown wing (@lasplashcosmetics Liquid eyeliner in Kaluna);

8-Apply mascara (@motivescosmetics Black Out mascara) and eventually false lashes (@houseoflashes Feline lashes)

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