Recipe for Chinese Stir Fried Chicken with Vegetables

Banana Pepper with Chicken Breast

Banana Pepper with Chicken Breast

Do you like to have some dishes with low calories, high in protein and fibers?

I love Chinese style of stir fried chicken with vegetables.

healthy eats

healthy eats

Basic ingredients:

1. Chicken breasts: skinless, boneless. I often bought whole breast, I will get rid of the skins and cut the meat off, left the bones to cook a dish for soup.

2. Vegetables: some green vegetables, such as Green Pepper, Banana Pepper,Egg Plant, and Celery.

3. garlic, ginger, vegetable oil to olive oil.


1. warm up the oil, add garlic and ginger, then add chicken.

2. take out the chickens, clean your pot.

3. cook the vegetables with oil.

4. add Chickens back to the pot and add more seasonings.


chiken Breast With Bell Pepper

chicken Breast With Bell Pepper


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