Recipe for a soft Steamed Egg using Microwave|Asian|Chinese

Soft Steamed Egg(Microwave version):

My daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled by an oral surgeon. She can’t chew for several days. I have to make her something soft to swallow.

This is a traditional Chinese dish. Now we use microwave to simplify it.

Steam egg Anna360

Chinese Steam Egg from Microwave

Ingredient: egg;

2.water:1/2 cup;

3.sesame oil or olive oil: 1/8 tsp;




Step 1: crack the egg, stir;

Step 2: add water, stir;

Step 3: add oil and salt,stir;

egg recipe anna360

Mixture of egg and water

Step 4: microwave for 2 minutes or more depends on the microwave power;

Step 5: serve!





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