Questions and Answers for Curcumin, a natural antioxidant


Curcumin has many benefits: antinflammation,detox,increase blood circulation,prevent cancer


1.Is Curcumin extracted from ginger?

No. Curcumin are extracted from Tumula ,is one kind of ginger,but not the ginger we use on dinning table.

2. Which plants contain curcumin?

gali has a lots of curcumin. But if you try to get curcumin by eating gali, most time it doesn’t contain enough. Also you might eat a lot of other foods,maybe gain weight instead of lose weight.

Curcumin can improve blood flow, reduce cold hands,feet symptom, and help cleaning your intestine.


3.Can I just eat curcumin without adding others?

Any antioxidants will be more beneficial when combine together. For example,curcumin used with black pepper together, the effects will be 2000 times more powerful than use curcumin alone.


4.Can everyone use curcumin?

Not really. Pregnant women don’t use curcumin.

5. Which branch of curcumin is the best?

Many people used Curcumin Extreme by Market America and they saw great results. Curcumin Extreme contains 400 mg of curcumin, also contains Selecium. and broccoli seeds(strong ORAC for antioxidant).



Curcumin Extreme 姜黄素


[大目農田] Japanese uses curcumin for lose weight.


Eat Curcumin for prevent Parkinson’s disease.
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