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Here is one of the testimonials featured in our presentation on the DNA Miracles line of natural baby care products. This little one was born with an improper bacteria balance in his gut. As you may know, the health of our gut plays a big role in the strength of our immune system. As a result, of this baby’s compromised gut health, his skin was super sensitive and he had some of the worst eczema I have ever seen.
His eczema covered over 90% of his body. Despite 6 months of medical treatment, his family saw no improvement. However, once they were introduced to the DNA Miracles line of products, they decided to take an inside/outside approach to supporting tissue repair. They focused on supporting gut health with the Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, and then applied the DNA Miracles Diaper Creme and Soothing Ointment topically to the skin. In just 3 WEEKS, He completely recovered from his skin condition.
You can listen to the complete story starting at minute 9 in this video:
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