Natural DishWashing Liquid for Kitchen and Natural Baby Diaper Cream for Acne

I recently bought a dishwashing liquid to use in my every day cleaning. I love it very much.


It is nontoxic, phosphate-free. I can use it safely for my dishes,pots, pans, and cups. Especially for my drinking cup, I don’t have to worry about chemical residual on it. Even my teen daughter can rinse her cup!

It contains aloe vera gel and will pamper my hands.

It is an environmentally friendly dishwashing solution with biodegradable,plant based surfactants and essential oils.

Also, it is highly concentrates. When compared ounce per ounce, you will get twice as many uses of Snap Dishwashing Liquid than competing brands.



Let me share another product that my daughter use it every day: DNA baby diaper Cream. It supposes for baby’s tender skin. But I used on my teenage daughter’s face and back for her acne. She had many pimps before on her face and back.


I wash her face with skintelligence, then I apply some diaper cream on her face and back. The second day those red bumps are gone. Now she will have some small dots now and then. It is as red as before.  The best part is :it is natural, there is no chemical,no smells, won’t hurt the skin.

This is a before and after for her back.

acne changes before and after apply DNA diaper cream

acne changes before and after apply DNA diaper cream


These are the products that she used: Skintelligence Travel kit:

Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion – 2 fl. oz.;

ph Skin Normalizer – 2 fl. oz.;

Daily Moisturizer Enhancer – 1 fl. oz.;

She did not use these two yet.


Alpha 24 Triple Revitalizing Complex – 1 fl. oz.;

Skin Perfecting Complex – 0.25 fl. oz.)


DNA Miracle Natural Diaper Cream:

If you are interested to try any of the products, you can order it from

or internationally through .

If you are in Mexico:

United Kingdom:





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