My Successful Story of TLS 21 Day Detox, Weight Loss

Yesterday was the last day of my TLS 21 day Weight Loss Challenge Journey. In 21 days, I lost 5.2 pounds and shrank 5 inches !

昨天是我的 tls 21 天排毒塑身的最后一天。21天时间,我掉了5.2 磅,减了5英寸!

tls 21 day weightloss challenge;detox

Lost 5.2 pounds, 1 inch Waist;5 inch Quad













I am a petite size. If you look at me you don’t think I am out of shape. In fact, I have a lot of FATS especially near Stomach area.  I started my TLS 21 day weight loss challenge was not really want to lose weight. I just want to detox my body and reshape my body,shredded some fats from my tummy area.


我个子小。 如果你看着我,可能不觉得我需要减肥。实际上,我有很多脂肪,尤其是腹部。 我参加21天减肥不是为了减重量。 我只是想排毒,塑身,减掉腹部脂肪。

tls 21 day weight loss challenge

So I ordered my TLS 21 day kit and started my journey on December 1st.

所以我订购了21 天减肥套,12.21 开始了我的挑战。

tls 21 day weightloss challenge,anna360 tls 21 day weightloss challenge









The package shipped in three days, It was very heavy, weighted total eight pounds. I hold it and felt my obligation! I was committed to detox and lose the fats!


这套东西三天就到了。很重,共有8磅。 我提在手上,感到了我的责任!我下定了决心,要排毒和减脂。

First week, I just used the detox kit. In the morning I drank a cup fresh lemon juice. Then a cup of fiber water(fiber powder from the kit).

第一周,我就是用排毒套。 早上第一件事是喝一杯 lemon 水。 然后一杯纤维水(纤维粉是排毒套带的)。

tls 21 day  weight loss

After one cup of fresh Lemon juice, then one cup of fiber water













I ate a lot of vegetables, two serving of fruits, and one serving of protein.I tried to cook with low salt, limited oil. I ate at home most of the time following the rules. Only one meal in a restaurant with eggplants. My husband worried that I would be hungry. In fact, I don’t feel hungry. With the vegetables and fruits,they made me full and satisfied.


我吃了很多蔬菜,两份水果,一份蛋白质。 我尽量少油,少盐。 大多数时候我在家吃,按照规矩。只有一餐是在餐馆,吃的是茄子。我先生怕我饿,实际上,我并不觉得饿。 那么多的蔬菜和水果,让我感觉吃饱了。

First three days, My body detoxed. 前三天,我排毒了。

After first week, I lost two pounds only.But my body became slimmer! 第一周,我只掉了两磅。但我的身体变苗条了。

tls 21 day weight loss challenge

Some of my food at Detox Week (First Week)













At second week, I added the protein nutrition shake to my breakfast, sometimes in the afternoon. Also first thing in the morning, I added my Isotonix OPC-3 and isotonix Multivitamins.



tls 21 day weight loss challenge

Isotonix Multivitamins and isotonix OPC-3

I love the tastes of the nutrition Shake. It is rich in flavor without much sugar. I personally prefer the vanilla flavor. My husband used it for breakfast. He prefers the chocolate flavor. Even my picky daughter loved both of the flavor. I recommend you to try them even you are not on a weight loss journey. It provides so much nutrition, gave you protein and fiber, which are most lacking in our diets.

我很喜欢营养蛋白粉的味道。 味道浓郁但没什么糖。我更喜欢香草味的。我先生用来当早餐(加牛奶)。他更喜欢巧克力味的。我的挑剔的女儿喜欢两种味道。就算你不用减肥,我也推荐你试试看。蛋白营养粉营养丰富,含高蛋白和高纤维,我们日常的饮食都不够。

tls Nutrition Shake

tls Nutrition Shake













If there is one thing that helps me most in the second phase , then it is the CORE.


I took CORE before Lunch and dinner. Usually after dinner I would feel hungry or have an urgency  to eat something. I don’t have that feeling after taking the CORE.



I ate more protein at second and third week. Here are some of the food I ate. I am Chinese. I ate a lot of rice , noodles. But these three weeks, I didn’t ate any! I wonder how I did it? The system works. This TLS 21 day challenge kit provides all we need to lose weight and get healthier.


第二和第三周,我吃更多的蛋白质。下面是一些我吃的午餐和晚餐。我是中国人,爱吃米呀,面啊。但这三周,我都没有吃!我怎么能做到呢?21 天挑战科学合理。21 天挑战套提供了我们减肥,健康需要的所有的东西。

tls 21 day weight loss challenge

Week Two and Three: Isotonix and shakes with food













tls 21 day weight loss challenge

tls phase one and two













Looking back , I feel I followed 80 % of the system. At week two and three, one third of the time, I did a little exercise. If I exercise more, I should have better results.  Also, sometimes I forgot to take the supplements. If I write a journal, it could help me to track better.


回顾我的21天,我觉得我按照要求,做到了80%。 比如第二和第三周,我只有三分之一的时间,做了一点运动。如果我做更多的锻炼,我的效果会更好。还有,我有时忘了吃CORE。 如果我写个日记,可能会更好。

If you want to try after the holidays, we have a new group for you! You can join to just detox for seven days or kick off your own TLS 21 day weight Loss challenge. We have a FACEBook set up for this. Also we have a wechat group to help/encourage each other.



Check out more details here. 查看细节。

Please order your kit today to have it ready before Jan 6th,2016. Starting your new year in a BANG!


今天就买你的21天挑战套,为1.6 准备好。新年新希望!









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