How to make Chinese Pancake with Zucchini

My daughter is a picker eater, she doesn’t like to eat vegetables.  We have to constantly find ways to “hide” vegetables in her food.

One of my favorite dish is Chinese Pancake with Zucchini. She can get her vegetables from it .


This is how to make it:


Zucchini: 2 medium size;

Egg: 2

flour: 2 cups;



Step1:  shred Zucchini using a shredder.

Step2:blend eggs in a container

Step3: mix Zucchini and egg;

Step 4: add flours

Step 5: add water, salt, maybe a little vegetable oil

Step6: put some oil into the pan,use High to cook for several minutes, then reduce to medium ;


Step7: turn your pancake;

turn your pancake

turn your pancake

Step8: cook several more minutes



Chinese Pancake with Zucchini ,adding pepper and chicken

Chinese Pancake with Zucchini ,adding pepper and chicken


Please check on Neal’s flipping, how many times can he do it?



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