How to Claim your CashBacks from

Someone asked me to help to claim his cashbacks from

redeem cashback,shopwithneal

I went online tonight ,and get his CASH back to him!

It was very easy, just a few simple steps!

Step one : login your preferred customer account using your email and password.

Then you should see your Shop consultant is

Neal & Anna 469-951-1388

Step 2: Click on the arrow on the right corner with :Hello, Your Name;

You should see: My Account;

Step 3: Your Cashback Account;

Step 4; Click on :Redeem Now;

Step 5; fill your name and address, Phone Number–in case they need to contact you;

Step 6:submit;

Then you will see a screen:





Also, you can just keep your cashback in your account, redeem them when you order our exclusive products.

For more details on how to earn CASHBack, download ShopBuddy!. ShopBuddy will help you track all coupons codes and help you get CASHBACK from your shopping!

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