Home Made Pork Stew in Traditional Chinese Style 红烧肉

classic chinese pork stew红烧肉

classic chinese pork stew红烧肉

My college-aged daughter wants to learn to cook Asian food. I tried to translate Chinese cooking into English.

Here we go: Home Made Pork Stew in traditional Chinese Style 红烧肉:


1. One pound pork with skin on ,half fat and half lean meat is the best

2.sugar, cubed sugar is best, find it in Asian store.


4.cooking wine

5. ginger

6.Asian Mushroom:dried fragrant mushroom(optional)

7. Scallop(optional)

1. 五花肉刮洗干净,修成15厘米左右的正方大块。从肉皮下刀,切成最下面一层瘦肉连着,上面都散开的棋盘形(每格约3厘米见方)。香菇用温水发开,姜切大片备用。
1. Clean the meat,cut into 15 cm squares. cut from the skin side; Soak mushroom into warm water in a bowl; slice ginger into several pieces.
2. 油锅烧热,下冰糖,用锅铲压碎,冰糖烧到熔化并冒黄褐色小泡时下五花肉,肉皮朝下。转中火,肉皮面煎2分钟左右,翻面,继续煎瘦肉面,两分钟,翻面。如此来回三次,让肉方两面上金红糖色。最后一次翻面加入姜片在油锅里稍微煎一下出香味。
 2. put oil into cooking pot, heat into medium warm, then put in sugar, press down the sugar and crush them.Wait until the suagr melt and show brownish bubbles, drop in the meat. Make sure the skin side down. Reduce the fire into Medium. After about 2 minutes, flip the sided, continue cooking the lean meat side for two minutes. Change the side again for three times to make sure the meat square showing golden red color. Make the last turn and add ginger. Stir
3.  加入酱油,绍酒(黄酒)和高度白酒,淋入少许香醋,根据自己的口味加入适量冰糖,和一大碗泡香菇和干贝水,大火煮开。
2. Add Soy Sauce, Coking wine, add a few Vinegar. If you want the meat has more sweet taste, add more squared sugar.
 Then add mushroom with the water, add more water, boil them.
4.  将肉方转移到砂锅内,倒入汤汁,转最小火,加盖炖半个小时。其间需要把肉方不时翻面,保证上下都入味。
4.change the fire into small , cover it for half hour. Change the side occasionally  to make sure both sides have tastes.
5.  加入水发香菇和干贝,加盖子炖一小时左右,时不时舀起汤汁浇在肉面上。中途如需加水,一定要加开水,避免冷水引起的肉方收缩导致口感不好。
5.add mushroom, covered and cook for about an hour, occasionally add soup to the top of meat. If you add add more water(the soup is dried out), always add boiled water or very hot water, to avoid the meat too dry.
6.  焖到汤汁收干,肥肉部分半透明,瘦肉酥烂即可。
6.cook until the water is dried out and the fat part of the meat is half tranparent. lean part is very soft.
7.  将干贝和香菇垫入碗底,放入酱方,淋浇原汤汁在酱方上即可食用了。
7. put scallop and mushroom  in the bottom of the bowl , add the meat, then pour over the soup. Ready to serve!




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