Healthy Detox Dish–Steamed String Beans with Apple Vinegar Pickled Ginger

I am doing my first detox. It has been great days. Today is the fourth day. I lost 3.2 pounds so far.

I didn’t feel hungry as I was expected. Usually I am a person who will fill up high starch items. I haven’t eat one piece of any processed food or any grain for three days. I didn’t even feel any difference. I can work and function as usual. Really glad that detox is not that scary !

As usual , I will drink my warm lemon water in the morning, then drink my aloe,ate two piece of detox pill. Then eat some vegetables.

This is my lunch for today: Steamed String Beans, cauliflower. I didn’t add any salt to any of them, but I have my secret weapon:

Apple vinegar pickled ginger! It makes me fill the spice in between bites.

Great food and satisfaction!

Steamed String Beans with Apple Vinegar pickled Ginger

Steamed String Beans with Apple Vinegar pickled Ginger

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