Graduation in Style,Party Planning with DIY Ideas

My daugCat graduation hter is graduating from Middle School in couple of weeks. Very excited! It just like yesterday that she graduated from elementary school.

Like all parents , we are very overwhelmed with so many things going on in the end of the year. Projects,exams,summer classes, vacations… But first of all, we need to celebrate the graduation.

What is your idea for graduation home party? I was searching through pinterest and found some great ideas for graduation party hats, desserts, dishes, and games.

First ,check out the DIY hats ideas:


Graduation Cap Supplies :
~Black Foam Core
~Black Poster Board Paper
~Craft Glue (clear drying)
~Brass Brads
~Pearl Cotton or embroidery floss for tassels
~Exactor Knife
~Cutting mat
~One Nail or an awl
I end up using card stock paper. It works too.
I also added some small animal decoration : made  a tiny hat for a cute bear, add the school name on top! Made a graduation scroll. Forgot to use the egg rolls I bought for food decoration.scroll and board for graduation
For dessert, I baked some Banana Vanilla cupcakes, then added a Reese’s, flipped it over for hat, then folder the cover inside out ,made silver hats top. I should have added some tinsels. 🙂
graduation dessert anna360
Party drink: my water filter does most work for the water drinkers. Well ,beer and wine are on the serving too for the Dads, Grandparents.
water filter,anna360

Water and wine

Games or craft activities:
I bought some glass jar, combination of candies , crafty decorations , let kids to fill the jar with candies, write some notes to each other, then decorate them. My daughter and friends have so much fun decorating while eating….

graduation DIY ,anna360

So the party favor will be the memory boxes from Michael. They were on sale 7 for $10.
 memorial box,anna360
Hope you have fun at your kids’ graduation!
look around my blog for more ideas or shopping for more!

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