Gluten Free Microwave Personal Cake

Are you craving for a sweet cake even you are on a weight loss journey?!

Here is this simply and easy chocolate cake ! No (low ) sugar, even a diabetes can eat this yummy cake!

This is very common ingredients: Cocoa, egg and banana!

There is no gluten, no flours !

You can add some natural sweetener depends on your situation. Maybe honey, maple syrup, or monk fruit sweetener.

Also you can add some nuts or dried fruits. I like to add walnuts, cranberries, raisins.

If you need a lot of oil, then add some heavy cream, that will make the cake more moisture, but it takes longer to cook.

For one serving, I used 2 minutes for microwave. For added heavy cream one ,I added one more minutes!

Weight loss can be fun if you can have some creative way to eat. Eat food wisely!

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