Extreme Shopping and saving Tips for Black Friday

happy thanksgiving

Which stores that you are aiming for this black Friday?

what are the items that you have in your wish list?

I have a shopping tip for you . You can maximize your savings.

Giftcertificates.com is on ShopWithNeal.com. So if you buy from any of the stores they offer a gift card for – get the card first and earn double cash back. Here’s a quick example:
If I need to order $100 worth of product at drugstore.com. I would go to giftcertificates.com, buy the $100 egift and earn 2% CB. The egift will arrive in 24 hours. Once it arrives, then go do drugstore.com and buy the $100 worth of products using your egift.
By taking that extra step, you now really earned 7% cash back ! Boom!

Personally, I love the gift cards for groupon.com( 3% cashback), PapaJohns’s pizza. They even have AmericanAirline.com gift card!

Also, for making things easier, download ShopBuddy, it will track all coupon codes, and show you the cash back if you land in a partner store !

By the way, Shopwithneal.com will have EXTRA cashback offer on Black Friday weekend. ShopBuddyAnna.com will have special deals for Motives Cosmetics. Stay tuned for deals!

Have a safe ,healthy , and happy Thanksgiving!









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