Ebola in Dallas, What should we do ? Flu shot? Get antioxidant,Boost immune!

We heard another bad news about second nurse has Ebola and she boarded on Frontier flight last Monday back to Dallas. People are angry for many reasons.I checked facebook on radio station 106.1 Kissfm  anchor Kellie’s posts .  There were 3000 comments about Ebola.People have strong opinions about the Ebola cases.

What should we do? As a Mom, I worry about my kids. We worry about their daily living, education, and most of all :Healthy! with Ebola,added more danger factor. Some people try to avoid to go to crowed places,such as state fair,even it is so attractive!

In fall season, there are flu, cold, and allergies that many people are worry about. I did a survey about do you take flu shot ? There are many options. But at the end, the answers are 50/50.  Some people are required to take flu shot especially medical workers. Some people has weak immune system, they always get sick. Some older people, some young kids. They are vulnerable to any infections. Those people are especially needed to boost their immune system so they are not the first target for disease.  For people are generally healthy, flu shot might have more negative effects than positive effects.might-a-min isotonix opc-3

In my house, we are using isotonix OPC-3. This is the best antioxidant in the market. It is in the powder format, easy to carry and keep fresh for a long time. When you need it, you will mix with water and drink it. It looks purple as grapes and tastes like grape too. Even my picky daughter loves it. There is a chewable version, it is even better for kids.

isotonix OPC-3,antioxidant

opc chew kids isotonix OPC-3,antioxidant


People uses isotonix Opc-3 for treating allergies, cold, and flu. It has been a powerful weapon. For cold, you can use isotonix OPC-3  with Vitamin C. Take OPc-3 twice a day and Vitamin C three times a day. It will significantly reduce your sickness cycle time.




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