Detox Meals ? Weight Loss Ideas(1)

Do you want to detox your body?What to eat in Detox week for your weight loss journey?I I will show some of the meals I  prepared. I am trying to prepare some meals are simple,easy to make, and don’t require a lot of preparation time.

Here is the first one:

Easy Sushi roll:


these rolls are pure vegetarien! It contains:Carrots,cucumer,and seeweed!

Materials you need:

1. Shushi bamboo roll sheet--get them at any asian market.

2.Seeweed sheets---get them in asian supermarkets;

3.your vetetables;I added cucuber,carrots(you may need to cook your carrots in water for couple of minutes to make them soft.)

sushi,anna360,detox,weight loss

For your protein, you can add:fish,Tofu,chicken…

I tried one with fish. I did cook the fish before I roll them in.

For the soy sauce, you can use low sodium soy sauce. You can find in our partner stores:Walmart or (5% cashback to your pockets)

sushi,detox,anna360,weight loss








Please visit here to get more ideas:

Weight Loss can be fun and rewarding.









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