Carrot Cake Muffin Recipe

carrot cake muffin,recipe

carrot cake Muffin










Do you like oat meal? Want to incorporate some vegetables and nuts into cake muffin?

Here is a recipe I tried.(from )

carrot cake muffin,recipe

carrot cake muffin











I like this recipe since it suggests half flour+ half whole wheat flour, which makes this recipe more healthier than normal muffin.

Also it asked for shredded carrots, nuts, dried fruits. We used oat meal for bottom and top,added an extra fiber for picky eaters. I love the shredded coconut,raisin, and walnuts.  Overall the recipe uses lot of ingredients besides flours. I added some grounded almonds,walnuts, and chia seeds, the color is darker.

The best part is we don’t taste the carrots. It just a perfect muffin that my family enjoy.

You should try this carrot cake muffin and let me know how it comes out!








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