Carrot Bun BaoZi(Stuffed Steamed Dumpling):胡萝卜肉包子


carrot Baozi








This recipe was from a traditional Chinese BaoZi(Stuffed Steamed Dumpling)s.


Carrots: 10 sticks;

Egg: 5;

Fensi: 4 oz   (add them into a bowl,fill with water for future use)

Flour: 5 cups

Instant Yeast: 2 tsp;


carrots baozi

preparing with carrots,eggs


1. Making Steamed Dumpling dough: use a small container, add 2 tsp of instant yeast with 2tsp of water, mix throughly;

then heat 8OZ of water in microwave for one minute,

add the yeast into the warm water;

get 5 cups of flours, dump the warm water(with yeast) into the flour.

use a mixer or use hand mix the flours;

Then cover the dough with wet tower(or wet paper tower, then cover with plastic film–to keep the moisture.)

Wait for two hours until the dough rise.

2. making the carrots mixture:

stir fry the five eggs;

stir fry the carrots;


Stir fry Carrots

boil some water, then put the Fensi into boiled water for 3 minutes until they are soft;

after all these three ingredients are cool down, mix them together. Maybe add some oil,salt or seasoning.

3. make your dough into half, use the first half, separate them into 10 small dough pieces.

insert the carrots mix into the dough.

4.Boil water for your steamer, after water is boiling,put the Baozi, then steam the Baozi for 15 to 20 minutes.Put wax paper under each BaoZi.

5. Enjoy.





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