Best Mother’s Day Gift- Kitchen Vitamix Blender With Extreme Saving Deal












Do you like to eat/drink a lot of vegetables/fruits?

I do. I like to eat them instead of drinking them. But this is not the case for my husband and daughters.

They love to DRINK them. Also it is easier to combine all goodies in a shake. OR a trick way to make them eat more vegetables and fruits.

I was thinking to buy a blender for a long time. So I was searching all over internet to try to find a good deal.

First I went to to check what versions of blender that I need. After compare the features,I decided to buy a professional version 750. It has all the functions for 7500 also with preset mode for common uses. I can put in a preset mode ,let the blender work itself, I can walk away and do something else. Maybe find more deals online. Ha ha!

At, the price is $549.00.

So I checked Amazon.









My shopbuddy told me to buy it from Macys. Through, I can get $11 cashback and 22IBV,which is a commission point that I can share with my team members!

So I decided to get some coupon codes before I buy.

I went to With Shopbuddy, I will get 2% cashback from

These are the two discount gift cards I bought :

raise macy22 raise,macy,coupon




I saved 3.22+33.25=36.47 by getting the discounted gift card.

macy, blender,kitchen








So original price was  859.99;now sale for $549.99;

I saved $36.47 from discount gift card,

Also get  $11 in cashback in

$1.14 cashback (buying discounted gift card)

So I am paying for $501.38,which is 42% of  saving ! Also I get 22 IBV to contribute to my team!

vitamix coupon





Love my shopping annuity, I get to buy things I need while saving money.

If you want to save money and making money. Download ShopBuddy today, it will help you to track coupon codes, earn cashback. It is all free! Also you can refer this to your friend, you will get 1/2 of ALL their purchases as bonus to you forever!

You can contact me for any questions. I am happy to help you to start your saving path.

Happy Mother’s day !






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