Best Drink for Health to Prevent or Fight Flu

We are still in winter time ,can’t wait for spring time!

My daughter was sick two weeks ago. Her classmates were sick around her with cold and flu symptoms. She was cough and we were very concerned since the flu stories floating around. Recently she is often sleep late as a typical teenager and didn’t want to take any antioxidants I used provided to her.  I was concerned about flu. So  I let her drink her a mix of isotonix Bromelain, ORAC, OPC- 3, and Multivitamins. mostly twice a day. I also used ultimate Aloe to help her for her throat.( I used aloe instead water to mix the isotonix drinks).
At school, she will chew on the Opc-3 chewy. After 10 days she is still cough quite often. We were so worried since we heard so many bad stories about flu for this year. So I finally got her some over counter cough medicine. I went home and she refused to take them! She never swallow any medicine pills before,she refused to swallow any!


Well, I have to go back to get her some syrup instead! She drank those syrup for 5 days.
Now she is good! I only give her some OPc-3, multivitamins for general health nutrition and prevention of flu or cold.

Good nutrition requires us to understand that the way our bodies absorb and process nutrients is more complex than simply adding supplements in one-by-one. Many nutrients interact to either hinder, help, or cancel each other out! Following is a list of our perfectly paired Isotonix duos:

Vitamin D + Calcium

Similar to other nutrients, calcium is primarily absorbed in the small intestine. While this bone-strengthening mineral diffuses across the small intestine’s inner lining on its own if large quantities are present, the mineral needs vitamin D to help it absorb on its own. Vitamin D also lends a helping hand in the absorption of phosphorus and magnesium, both important for keeping bones strong and healthy!

Vitamin C + Iron

Iron – a mineral that is present in both meat and vegetarian sources – comes in two categories: heme and non-heme. Non-heme is found in legumes, leafy greens, and fortified foods while heme is only present in meat. Of the two, heme is the more easily absorbed which is an issue in today’s world of plant-based diets! This is especially true considering you only absorb about 2% of the non-heme iron you consume.

Not to fear; vitamin c comes to the rescue! Vitamin C helps the absorption of this iron by producing an electron to the iron, making it easier for your body to absorb. This vitamin is essential for maintaining healthy blood. The amount of iron absorbed increases in individuals who are iron-deficient, which makes it so important for people with low iron to make sure they’re getting enough vitamin C and iron.

Magnesium + Calcium


Magnesium and calcium are powerhouse minerals that have a large number of specific duties within your body. But like the best couples, they share a lot of those responsibilities, too! They function as electrolytes in your body, helping transmit electrical impulses between nerve and muscle cells while balancing the fluid levels inside and outside of cells as well.  While your body can absorb each of these separately, they just work better together. With an Isotonix delivery to boot, it’s a match made in heaven! Best headache relief!

Hope you find your immune defense weapon for flu, drink your best drink for health to fight flu.Be strong for the spring! Cheers to your health!


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