Backpack Hunting –Ready for Back to School?!

It is the hottest season of the year. The temperature is going up daily. People are laying at beach or pool, enjoying the weather.

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Somewhere in the distance, school is coming ….. Sooner or later, we need to get ready to back to School! Every year my daughter changes her backpack no matter how well is her previous one! This year is the same.


So I asked her what do you want for your backpack? She searched on several websites, sent me a few pictures, I told her those are way too small for all your books that you need to carry every day!

Then today I tried to take her to mall to check out some backpacks. She refused to go with me. So I went by myself.

I walked by store by store.

First at Macy’s, I saw some small kids backpacks, there are Very Bradley and Kipling backpacks.

Gap: not seen any backpacks .

Express: nope;

Vera Bradley: They have some bigger backpacks now.

Aeroepostale: only a few bags, not backpacks.

Pacsun: no backpack at all!

American Eagle: no backpacks;

Nordstrom: handbags yes, no school backpacks.

Disney: some cute backpacks for small kids.

Pottery barn: great for younger kids. There are a few bigger sized backpacks. I texted her, she said no!Don’t like them.

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Forever 21: minimum backpacks, there are couple of very small bags;

H&M: no backpacks

Dick’s sporting goods! Lots of backpacks! brands like North Face,High Sierra, Jansports, … Best selections that are available!

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It took me three hours to walk by and search for the backpacks that she might like! Then she texted me that she wants this backpack from Victoria Secret website!

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Well, well, at least she found a backpack that she likes!

New generation kids, don’t like to find things in malls, they like to find them online!

I also scanned through here for more ideas:

Backpack selections. : there are many cute backpacks!

Backpack for laptop



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