Asthma worries?Allergy?OPC-3 can help!

Fall is coming. Seasonal allergy is coming. For those people with seasonal allergies or Astham, it is time to get ready!

My daughter had asthma for years when she was young. Every Spring, Fall, and winter, she is so miserable. She is constantly on inhalers.

Now she is older, her asthma symptom is gone, but she still has allergies. Her immune system is still weak. She needs flu shot every year,otherwise she will have flu !  I sent my daughter OPC-3 with her college packing.

isotonix OPC-3,antioxidant

isotonix OPC-3,antioxidant

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As a Mom, we worry about our children’s health all the time! My younger daughter doesn’t have asthma or allergies. but occasionally, she will have running nose. I gave her OPC-3 for two days adding Vitamin C. Then her symptom will be gone. Now if she has any symptom, she will ask me for the “purple ” drink! recently, she has fallen in love of the Chewable OPC-3. She said,” That(OPC-3 Chew) is softer than Starbust. Taste good.”  Now I  sweeten her with chewable for every morning. she is happy and I have less worries. she is more focused on her study. Isn’t that great for ADD or ADHD kids?

opc chew kids

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We found the research result supporting the supplement and I saw results from many people.

”  After six months of research and observation it was indicated to researchers that subjects reduced inhaler usage from every two to every five days, overall. Asthma patients also reported a 50% reduction in night awakenings caused by asthma symptoms. The control group which did not have their asthma regulated beyond inhalers saw no improvements, according to the study published in Panminerva Medica.”

check this article:


for ADHD,ADD, here is the articles: Omega-3 Oil helps ADHD.

“children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) showed positive improvement after taking a combination of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.”

Liquid Omega -3

Liquid Omega -3

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