Are you Ready?


beauty faceDallas Weather is a drama!

Yesterday , people wore shorts and the sun was a little burning on our faces with highest degree 81. Today, the roof has snow, the ground has ice. The wind is cold and only has 21 degree?

Are you ready for this changes in your mind? I don’t. I knew from the weather report, that today will be cold and raining, but I didn’t finish my grocery shopping in time yesterday .Today, I can’t go out in the raining, slippery road. I am not ready.

I am asking myself.

Are you ready for changes in your life?

Are you physically, spiritually, financially ready for your tomorrow?

Honestly, I don’t think I am ready. I would work harder to avoid the drama like today. I would work harder to prepare my future.

How about ? Are you ready for the changes in life? Are you willing to work hard to prepare for your future?



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