A Penny Pincher Mom’s Saving Tips for Shopping Online

Today’s Money Saving Shopping Tip! 

As a mom, I have to shop for everything for the house. How to shop and save at the same time? That is a question. Recently I am using gift cards and online shopping sites to fuel my shopping annuity. Here is how you can enjoy shopping and save even more on top of sales, coupons from ShopWithNeal.com and raise.com. You can apply to grocery shopping, travel booking,daily entertainments, and more.
Saving from ShopWithNeal.com

Saving from ShopWithNeal.com

 I’m currently saving money by shopping smart!
I’ve been currently buying discounted gift cards from raise.com
Then spending them on ShopWithNeal.com which gives you an additional 2% cashback!
The gift cards have discounts of 2% to 5% to 10% to even 30% off!
They can be even used on further discounted products in the store.
(That’s a lot of savings!)
Everything from Walmart to Froyo! 
Right now there is a Red Mango $100 gift card for $70! 
This is all you have to do:1. Go to www.ShopWithNeal.com
2. Login in with your email and password. (password: america)
3. Search for raise.com
4. Go to raise.com, find and purchase your discounted gift cards.
5. Wait for your email confirmation to claim your gift card.
6. Go back to www.ShopWithNeal.com to search for stores to spend your new discounted giftcards!
They can also be used for presents for birthdays and holidays!
Or maybe a surprise for someone you care about. 
Even if raise.com doesn’t have the giftcard you want, you can go to giftcertificates.com or gyft.com.
gyft.com even accepts bitcoins and digital coin!
Also, some stores are offering FREE Shipping from site to store, such as Walmart,Home Depot, Macy’s, Kohls, and more.
Happy Shopping! If you have any questions contact me.

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